Case 1:

This woman had previous restorations along with a lot of damage to the teeth. She really wanted to improve her smile with better shaped, whiter and straighter teeth. This was completed to give an award winning result.
The treatment won the world ceramics award in Las Vegas (Nobel Biocare) because of the perfect integration of a complex restoration with idealised aesthetics.
The treatment included the use of Dental crowns on all teeth except the lower front four teeth that had veneers placed.

Case 2:

This Gentleman had severe wear of his teeth and wanted a significant improvement in the appearance of these. Due to the severe wear his face was also somewhat collapsed and we also treated this.  A combination of crowns on most teeth along with onlays on most of the molars achieved an ideal cosmetic result for him.
These restorations were placed to increase his face height and treat the facial collapse. He also had an underbite (the lower front teeth were in front of the upper teeth) and by changing the way the teeth meet we were also able to correct this

Case 3:

This patient came to the patient looking for a solution to his broken worn and misplaced teeth. On examination we noted some if the teeth were on the wrong side of the bite. The teeth were iin very poor condition with multiple temporary crowns present. We designed a new jaw position for him and by using a combination of crowns and bridges at this new position we rebuilt all his teeth. He was delighted with the new teeth with their perfected shape and location.