Case 1:

This patient wanted a good looking replacement for her white fillings. The two front teeth had large fractures some years previously and the white fillings were discoloured and poorly shaped.
The fillings were replaced with two veneers and subtle tooth whitening was carried out

Case 2:

A large gap between the lower front teeth and poor alignment of teeth was the main concern for this lady.

The discoloured and crooked six front teeth were restored with veneers giving a better brighter colour with the space closed and the teeth properly straightened.

Case 3:

This lady, in her 70s, was very unhappy with the worn, discoloured and spaced lower front teeth.
We restored the shape and alignment of these teeth and provided her with a much brighter set of teeth as she requested. Porcelain veneers were placed on these front six teeth

Case 4:

We gave this patient a much improved colour and shape to her teeth using veneers. She had a number of concerns including spacing between the teeth along with some dark staining and chipping due to a developmental disorder.  

The new veneers were designed to give teeth in a better proportion along with improved colour after whitening. The spacing was removed by altering the shape of the teeth

Case 5:

This young woman was referred after orthodontics to look at her options to close the spaces around her poorly formed second teeth.

She really wanted an improvement in the shape of the teeth (dentally these are called peg teeth which is a common abnormality when teeth do not form and grow correctly).

Veneers were the best option here and were used in a very conservative manner to both build up the teeth to their correct dimensions and to close the gaps between the teeth.

Case 6:

The correction of chipping and wear was achieved with this patient. She was unhappy with the wear of her two front teeth and especially that one was obviously shorter and stained.

After carrying out some gentle tooth whitening the two front teeth were veneered allowing us to match to the new brighter shade and give the teeth the same length and a better shape. Interestingly we could have straightened the two front teeth that angle backwards but the patient requested we keep this as she felt it was part of her natural appearance